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“Transmission 82-09-4
From the imperial archeologist Beznan
On the cadaver world Earth
Concerning data in the fossilized brain
Of the last human being”

Upon the initial strata scan
No brains were found intact
Until the crystallized corpse
Was found in a mineral pool
A male homo sapien, face down, floating flat
Hulking blackened carcass
Fossil anchored to the bottom
With a brain tissue sample using memory chambers’ blood
Paint the research grid regard Earth’s history
Extract the tale of extinction of the timid human race
A titanic war verse a non-indigenous
Alien scourge

Behold Mimas
Shrouded moon of Saturn
Brandishing a crater
The girth of a mountain

Two warring nations
Ecology based on war
Underground dwellers
Infinite conflict

The one race smaller
With a larger frontal lobe
Mastered explosives
Severed their enemies’ world
Like a rotting useless limb
Causing the crater
Now an asteroid
Nomadic home drifts to space
And Mimas died

Earth’s gravity
Beckoned the meteor
Pierce the skin
Of atmosphere
Atlantis sunk
Dinosaurs cease
Landing in the Himalayas

Parasite world
Lie dormant
On the surface man thrived
While beneath him
In the flesh of the Earth
The scourge of Mimas became strong

Through instinct
The hordes from beneath emerged to murder
After the sun had fallen, up through the ground
Like stigmata
Dug through soil like blood
A poison from below
Tainted well spring of the planet
On crooked gait
They conquered, dragging corpses
Into the Earth for food
Remains reemerging, clogging the seas
Alien invasion from within their fortress
The Earth lay siege to home
Valiant struggle against oblivion

Mounted on evolved dinosaurs
Or on human ferocity matched ten fold
Swarms of fiends under the moon
The rapacious season of the dwindling age
Billowing clouds in the sky
Are gasses from the rotting creates of Earth
Cities collapse from below
The dove lies crushed under heavy laden foot
Victory adorns the horde’s sword
But the heaps of corpses poison the world
The soured filth purges the crust’s wounds
And underneath they parish from the blackened bounty


from 1992​-​1994 Discography Digital download, released February 4, 2015


all rights reserved



Timeghoul Missouri

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