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In the land of abhorations
Through the Versian mountains
Birthplace of the Gutspawn nation
Their evil king's a bloated creation
Stomach with a mouth liquefying crematorium
He ingests the dead for incubation
In the gut starts the deformation
In his swollen innards the creatures go through
A twisted genesis to be born anew

Vomited up
Grotesque mass
Ill contorted
Body parts

If their mutated misanthropomorphic form survives
They owe fealty to their father
The detached womb of hell
Now a vessel to the king of defiled flesh
Allegiance to the army
A child of the gut

In older times an order arose
The vanquishers of chaos came to dispose
The lord and his children
And their appetite for carrion
Armor and swords facing
Exoskeleton, tentacle and claw

The instrument to kill the creator demon
Was an ancient blessed weapon called the spear of Gan
The spear was lost for thousands of years
The knights sought council with the sage in stone
They found him weeping imprisoned in rock
For a stroke of mercy the spear shall be yours
It's in the rotting mountain
And eldritch giant beast
Forever decaying in the subarctic ice

Crusade to
Unholy land
Swallowed up
By destiny

Through the cavernous mouth they entered
Into a tunnel like digestive tract
The temperature rose in the hollows
Seeing worms as thick as trees
There was the spear
Held by the maggot god
Warriors yelled their war cry
Let your sons bore into you

Their banner on the spear
The mighty host entered the Gutspawn pits
Past vaults of the dead
They marched in groaning silence

Steel flashed
Visors down
Abattoirs made
Battles begun

Through the brutal assault wading through the gore
The spearman went the Gut he stood before
Before he could strike the mouth ejected spittle
Bathed in acid screaming without a throat
The hero on his knees threw the spear
His arm went with it eaten at the socket
He want down halved at the shoulders
But the spear struck home
In the volumous belly

Vomited up
Grotesque mass
Ill contorted
Bodily parts

Atrophied limbs flailed in agony
Gaping mouth splattering blood
Croaking and wheezing dying in seconds
Vile blubber shuddering in anguish
Watches his empire crumble
Through rolling blistering eyes
Then it explodes starting a cave in
Killing all but the world survives


from 1992​-​1994 Discography Digital download, released February 4, 2015


all rights reserved



Timeghoul Missouri

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