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1992​-​1994 Discography Digital download

by Timeghoul

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Camelus Dromedarius
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Camelus Dromedarius The most underrated OSDM act IMO. Timeghoul created cosmic death metal and influenced modern acts like Devoid of Thought, Nucleus, and most notably, Blood Incantation. Just as Chthe'ilist is Demilich-worship, Blood Incantation is Timeghoul worship. To this day, Timeghoul's two demos remain some of the best death metal there is. This is a timeless dm classic. Favorite track: Boiling in the Hourglass.
goose fucker
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goose fucker Timeghoul has been able to produce a better discography with 6 songs than most bands have been able to do with multiple albums. The haunting, dark and chaotic atmosphere combined with their complex and mind-blowing riffs makes this easily one of the most remarkable bands in the 90s tech-death scene. Favorite track: Gutspawn.
Dante Ruivo
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Dante Ruivo Legendary and so ahead of their time. Favorite track: Occurrence on Mimas.
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Rainwound 06:02
Here my bones bleach Before the blazing light of purity Chained to the mountain top The waste of heaven falls upon me My wrists are a grisly red From the bonds of justice Now I understand Why men look to the ceaseless sky I toyed with the mortal gift of thought I pondered through the ruins of mystery I scoffed at the altar of solace In the ruins I dreamt nothing I raised my lance to the sky Curing those dust covered statues Then a raindrop stuck brow And the oceans of the sky fell The mountains sank into the sea The crumbling earth had betrayed me Fleeing to nowhere sanctuary barred The rainwound begins to bleed Grim haunts of the heavens and hells Emerged from the cracks in the sky and the rocks A mob of fiends encircled me Through undivine ascension I was taken to the gods I was made to kneel Before the gods Their stares peeled flesh and bone Bludgeoning my soul For insolence in denial I was to make penance And my legacy was to grasp my kind On the mountaintop I was put An iron chain bore into the wound Linking my mind with the heavens above Forever thought was taken from us
The Siege 06:38
Look over the battlements At the burning countryside There the army of wicked madness Besieges this castle of will Feel the frozen wind From the bleak outer world The banner twists in agony Tortured from the world around The wind seeps through the walls Whispering revelations of despair It skulks in high lofted ceilings A messenger of the fallen realm The moat displays whitened bloated corpses A cesspool where the slain float For miles back their casualties are strewn Ours burn on pyres smoke replacing sky Listen to the sound of the pounding Battering rams Their black winged echoes Fly down these desolate halls Each catapult stone defeats the walls We labor to repair what falls upon us The bringers of insanity Dance bizarrely In celebration Of their coming conquest Look and see their campfires Like obscene stars fallen to the ground Wallow in dread at the moment's peace For the battle always resumes No shining army will rush to our aid We are to die in this crumbling tomb I'm being driven mad Specters of bitterness and confusion Circle my head The mist goes in my ears and exits my mouth And within they destroy all they can The bringers of lunacy have breached the walls Remnants of innocence put to the sword Engulfed into the kingdom of the mad My psyche lays in ruins but now I'm born
Gutspawn 06:04
In the land of abhorations Through the Versian mountains Birthplace of the Gutspawn nation Their evil king's a bloated creation Stomach with a mouth liquefying crematorium He ingests the dead for incubation In the gut starts the deformation In his swollen innards the creatures go through A twisted genesis to be born anew Vomited up Grotesque mass Ill contorted Body parts If their mutated misanthropomorphic form survives They owe fealty to their father The detached womb of hell Now a vessel to the king of defiled flesh Allegiance to the army A child of the gut In older times an order arose The vanquishers of chaos came to dispose The lord and his children And their appetite for carrion Armor and swords facing Exoskeleton, tentacle and claw The instrument to kill the creator demon Was an ancient blessed weapon called the spear of Gan The spear was lost for thousands of years The knights sought council with the sage in stone They found him weeping imprisoned in rock For a stroke of mercy the spear shall be yours It's in the rotting mountain And eldritch giant beast Forever decaying in the subarctic ice Crusade to Unholy land Swallowed up By destiny Through the cavernous mouth they entered Into a tunnel like digestive tract The temperature rose in the hollows Seeing worms as thick as trees There was the spear Held by the maggot god Warriors yelled their war cry Let your sons bore into you Their banner on the spear The mighty host entered the Gutspawn pits Past vaults of the dead They marched in groaning silence Steel flashed Visors down Abattoirs made Battles begun Through the brutal assault wading through the gore The spearman went the Gut he stood before Before he could strike the mouth ejected spittle Bathed in acid screaming without a throat The hero on his knees threw the spear His arm went with it eaten at the socket He want down halved at the shoulders But the spear struck home In the volumous belly Vomited up Grotesque mass Ill contorted Bodily parts Atrophied limbs flailed in agony Gaping mouth splattering blood Croaking and wheezing dying in seconds Vile blubber shuddering in anguish Watches his empire crumble Through rolling blistering eyes Then it explodes starting a cave in Killing all but the world survives
Confronted with things that are finite Logic deals with all that ends Confounded by infinity Man's great ignorance Infinity Coda Infinity Coda Infinity Coda Infinity Warp Concept deleted mortal minds Denied godliness mortal pox Fettered by the riddle of foreverness Thorned wall around paradise Infinity Coda Infinity Coda Infinity Coda Infinity Warp Enlightened to the point of bewilderment Deaf to the song of creation Blind to the light of the afterworld What has always been shall always be Confronted with things that are finite Logic deals with all that ends Confounded by infinity Man's great ignorance Infinity Coda Infinity Coda Infinity Coda Infinity Warp Concept deleted mortal minds Denied godliness mortal pox Fettered by the riddle of foreverness Thorned wall around paradise Infinity Coda Infinity Coda Infinity Coda Infinity Warp
“Transmission 82-09-4 From the imperial archeologist Beznan On the cadaver world Earth Concerning data in the fossilized brain Of the last human being” Upon the initial strata scan No brains were found intact Until the crystallized corpse Was found in a mineral pool A male homo sapien, face down, floating flat Hulking blackened carcass Fossil anchored to the bottom With a brain tissue sample using memory chambers’ blood Paint the research grid regard Earth’s history Extract the tale of extinction of the timid human race A titanic war verse a non-indigenous Alien scourge Behold Mimas Shrouded moon of Saturn Brandishing a crater The girth of a mountain Two warring nations Ecology based on war Underground dwellers Infinite conflict The one race smaller With a larger frontal lobe Mastered explosives Severed their enemies’ world Like a rotting useless limb Causing the crater Now an asteroid Nomadic home drifts to space And Mimas died Earth’s gravity Beckoned the meteor Pierce the skin Of atmosphere Atlantis sunk Dinosaurs cease Landing in the Himalayas Parasite world Lie dormant On the surface man thrived While beneath him In the flesh of the Earth The scourge of Mimas became strong Through instinct The hordes from beneath emerged to murder After the sun had fallen, up through the ground Like stigmata Dug through soil like blood A poison from below Tainted well spring of the planet On crooked gait They conquered, dragging corpses Into the Earth for food Remains reemerging, clogging the seas Alien invasion from within their fortress The Earth lay siege to home Valiant struggle against oblivion Mounted on evolved dinosaurs Or on human ferocity matched ten fold Swarms of fiends under the moon The rapacious season of the dwindling age Billowing clouds in the sky Are gasses from the rotting creates of Earth Cities collapse from below The dove lies crushed under heavy laden foot Victory adorns the horde’s sword But the heaps of corpses poison the world The soured filth purges the crust’s wounds And underneath they parish from the blackened bounty
Man’s betrothed to time Life a pageant of decay All have a grain of sand In the shower of the hourglass Warp Born was an idiot savant Spared the bane of logic Feeble minded yet gifted Redemption of the curse Conception of infinity Dwell in lands man shuns Poisoned fruit of Ambrosia Chemistry of the divine Granted fellowship only of dogs Scorned as befits the dullard Each act of cruelty towards him Built his keep of vengeance Falling further into the inverted pit Broadening cognition Plunging off the cliffs of impermanence He became a god Mortals float the river of time While he drowned in its current Clutching the dimensional roots of the shore He stepped into the ceaseless beyond Turning away from the flow of time To a peak that pierced the bubbling sky Grynpholg Mountain, lair of the Timeghouls Blackest of hells, the fledgling god’s home The tribes of Pulk Black hearted Timeghouls Loose knit marauders of the time procession Banded together under the god’s sword To wage a holocaust verse the age of man Up and down streams of humans’ feeble course Grandiose massacres retrograde things to be Burning paths of future souls Erasing those that are Last clock’s reading: 11 past 11 I am a god, the prime being I shall impale you On the crumbled pillars of the millennia Warp Pendulum swings cutting the thread of continuum The heavy hands of clocks strangle babes and men Bells hang still and silent falling on the faithful Earth’s matter and light mathematically blur The battered refugees of the prime dimension Fall from the decayed, weathering remnants of stone Ravaged epoch of the infinite truth becomes extinct A tornado of eroding sand Boiling in the hourglass


Two Demo,s from Sci-Fi Deathmetal pioneers Timeghoul. Tumultuous Travelings and Panoramic Twilight.


released February 4, 2015


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Timeghoul Missouri

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